Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Whataburger Can Make Your Day

Today I ran by Whataburger for my day-off treat to pick up some lunch for my roommate and me. Usually, Whataburger in and of itself is plenty for a brief happy moment, but today I was granted a day's worth of happiness. I'll leave you with the dialog exchange from the drive-thru:

I pulled up to the window to see a woman standing there with our food, ready to hand if off. I asked for some ketchup, pepper, and sweetn'low. From there a guy, the manager I presumed, looked over her and said:

Manager: Have you played in movies?
Me: No, no I haven't.
Manager: You look like you have.
Me: comedic hair-toss Why thank you!
Manager: Shake it girl.

Thank you, Whataburger, for adding some calorie free sweet talk to my caloric festivities.