Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The following exchange occurred at the Hotel Anatole, where there was a conference, and the participants were wearing badges that said "WE WILL." I read a guy's name-tag (a bit stalkerish, I know) as he walked by...

Me: Hey Jim! Jim!
Jim: (as he was looking through his cell phone) Yeah? (perplexed)
Me: What will you do?
Jim: Excuse me?
Me: Your tag, it says "We Will." What will you do? Or y'all do?
Jim: We will change the world!
One of the guys at my table, Jeff: How?
Jim: (pause) Same day vaccinations!

We later found out Jim was full of crap. We asked another guy wearing a name tag and he said they were at a Sales Conference, and it was their cheesy them. My table had a good laugh trying to figure out what the heck "same day vaccinations" meant... whether it was for children or animals or something else. I gave Jim made props for his keen wit and ability to think on his feet.