Wednesday, January 14, 2009

16 Things About Annie Ann

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1. I have a new found obsession with "The O.C." Well, maybe it isn't new, but reclaimed. And I'm not afraid to tell the world. I'm holding out for some used copies of seasons three and four.

2. Along with number one, I tend to have an affinity with trashy t.v. If I had cable and even an antenna, I'd waste so much time watching things that include (but aren't limited to) America's Next Top Model marathons, Sheer Genius, Project Runway, 90210, American Idol, One Tree Hill, and Gossip Girl.

3. I really like argyle. I wish more people wore it and wore it regularly.

4. I have an obsession with couples that are supposed to be together ending up together, and I don't like it when things end without the intended reconciliation. Think Ross and Rachel, Seth and Summer, Luke and Lorelai, Jack and Kate, Ron and Hermione... I know I'm just living vicariously through these characters.

5. With that said, I hate what rom-coms have done to this world. It has given us all unreal expectations of relationships and men. A girl I just met shared a most enlightening and convicting thing in conversation just this past week. It was something I heard before but it still made my heart soft. She stated how beautiful she thought dancing was, at it reflects best the way God intended relationships to be: a man leading a woman, and a woman learning to follow. It was such a simple and beautiful reflection on God's plan for relationships.

6. I've never been happier in a job for the amount of time that I've been happy at my current job. I have hope that I have found the right place for me to grow.

7. My friend Kristy is responsible for my nickname of "Annie Ann." It was the product of confusion when I revealed that my middle name was "Ann." She was unaware that my first name is actually Valeria. Oddly enough, my boss calls me "Annie Ann" on a semi-regular basis without any knowledge of this foundation.

8. I have an obsession with my name. I find myself jealous when I meet other girls named "Annie" because I feel like they're trying to steal my thunder. I also once googled for songs with my name in the title, downloaded them, and put them on a CD.

9. I'm more self-absorbed than I tend to let on.

10. I have the greatest friends in the world. And I'm not biased.

11. I think Oreos are the greatest cookies known to man.

12. I like to alphabetize things. It makes me feel a sense of order. I also have to have the microwave timer and the volume set to multiples of five.

13. I like knowing if a guy can grow facial hair. But the five o'clock shadow is my favorite look. It makes me think, "now that's a man."

14. I'm boy crazy, which isn't a surprise to anyone here, I'm sure.

15. One of my favorite things to do is roll down the windows, open the sun roof, and sing along with music as loud as possible while I drive. This enjoyment increases exponentially with every friend in the car with me.

16. If *NSYNC were to reunite, I would spend any amount of money to see them in concert one more time. Even though Lance is gay.

1. Amy, Cara, Katy, Martha, and Richie - because they tagged me.
5. Sara, Heather, and Kelsey - because they already did it.
9. Benj, Justin, Graham, Natalie, Jim, and Linda - because you can't NOT tag the Poctas
15. Michelle and Lindsay - because I miss them.
17. Erin - because I want the entire Plex included