Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two Fleshes Unite

So it's official. I have been united with another's flesh. This past Monday, around 2:00pm my Orthopedic Surgeon binded my femur and fibula with allograft - tissue from a cadaver. The scope procedure revealed my ACL was completely detached from my femur. The MRI and initial scoping of my tissue provided the illusion that my ACL was somewhat in place, but in actuality, it was just laying on the bone. But God bless modern technology. My surgeon was able to attach a new ACL to my bones, and the screws should dissolve in a few years' time. I begin Physical Therapy tomorrow and have already slightly weaned myself off of crutches. I should be able to run in three months time, but I cannot play sports for another six months (bummer!). I appreciate everyone's concern, prayers, and well wishes. The road is long, but the results are a blessing! Thanks friends!