Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two Fleshes Unite

So it's official. I have been united with another's flesh. This past Monday, around 2:00pm my Orthopedic Surgeon binded my femur and fibula with allograft - tissue from a cadaver. The scope procedure revealed my ACL was completely detached from my femur. The MRI and initial scoping of my tissue provided the illusion that my ACL was somewhat in place, but in actuality, it was just laying on the bone. But God bless modern technology. My surgeon was able to attach a new ACL to my bones, and the screws should dissolve in a few years' time. I begin Physical Therapy tomorrow and have already slightly weaned myself off of crutches. I should be able to run in three months time, but I cannot play sports for another six months (bummer!). I appreciate everyone's concern, prayers, and well wishes. The road is long, but the results are a blessing! Thanks friends!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lots of Happenings

I just wanted to share a little update in the goings-ons in my life. This past Wednesday marked my year anniversary with CPS. This is quite the accomplishment given the average turnover of a CPS caseworker is eight months. With my completed year, I'm entitled to a bonus (scheduled to come in July, assuming I'm still with the agency then, as well), and I have ample opportunity to apply for different jobs and locations within the department. My supervisor informed me of a new position she applied for, and she encouraged me to apply as well. The department has created new job positions, which includes less stress and a pay increase. With her recommendation, I went ahead and applied for one of the positions, as well as an opening in Night Intake. Night Intake has the benefit of not having to carry a case load, providing an easier means of taking time off, as well as giving me the opportunity to explore returning to school semi full time. The only drawback to that position is I don't receive any difference in pay, and I'd be working Wednesday through Saturday nights, eliminating my ability to socialize with those who have normal work schedules. Essentially, I'm hoping for the former job to work out, otherwise I'll be exploring a new career entirely come the end of the summer when I'm finished with Physical Therapy and my boss is gone.

Speaking of Physical Therapy.... on Monday I'm undergoing orthoscopic knee surgery. My orthopedic is not 100% sure what the damage to my knee is. The consensus is that it's a probably meniscus tear (which didn't show up on the MRI) and possible ACL reconstruction. Essentially, we can't know until there's a hole in my knee, so come Monday around 3:00pm, I think we'll know. Crutches are foreseen to be in the near future for anywhere from two to six weeks, followed by three months of physical therapy. Any thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated during my surgery on Monday. It's scheduled for 11:00AM.

I can't really think of anything else going on. I figure this entry is somewhat boring, but at least I could offer a somewhat substantial update. I know it can't compare to the Baby Do's and Don'ts. But really, what can?